Robert "RJ" Martin,
is an artist, philospher, and engineer. He owes everything to his loving parents and devoted wife
DOB: March 20, 1977
  POB: New Orleans, LA, USA


- Natural Language Acquisition: an Interactive Approach, Toukai Shibu (2002-9)
Presentation: (
Abstract: (English)

- The Mimesis Puppeteer: Executing Narrative Plans to Enhance Interactive Computing, Undergraduate Thesis (2001-12)
Abstract: (English) (Japanese)

Research Notes:

Memo 5 - Applying a Database to Language Acquisition, 2002-10 (English)

Memo 4 - Preliminary System Design for Lingquest, 2002-7 (English)

Memo 3 - Proposal for "Lingquest" Language Acqusition System, 2002-6 (Japanese)

Memo 2 - Proposal for Language Acquisition based on Minimum Description Length, 2002-5 (English)


Independent Component Analysis:
2.2 - 2.3 - (Japanese)
4.7 - 4.8 - (Japanese)
4.9 - 5.0 - (Japanese)

Perceptual Organization
4.2 - 5.1 - (Japanese)

Condensation Algorithm:
Summation: (English)

2002 / 4 -- Present

Master Student, Ohnishi Laboratories, Information Engineering Dept. of Nagoya Univ., Japan
- Supervisor: Prof. Noboru Ohnishi
- Mentor: Prof. Tsuyoshi Yamamura

Duties: - Sub-Administrator
- English Editor
- Planned Thesis: Natural Language Acquisition by Machines Using Theories of Compression and Minimum Description Length
  • Comrades
    • Redthread / R&B
      • Mark Philip Branly
      • David Neal Rippy
    • Ohnishi-Ken
      • Suzuki-San

My main interests are Music, Movies, Computers, and People. I am especially interested in how the expressive techniques like the two former and the two latter can be connected to improve our way of life. I believe that work done in cyperspace can be just as expressive as that of more traditional mediums. In fact, looking at what is expressed through programming, or music or art, or what have you... on the computer allows us to peer into human nature into ways that we never could before. For better or for worse, we are all cooperating in an ongoing expreriment where another virtual world is being created that reflects how we see ourselves and how we think the world should be, just as any novel or opera has up to now. Programming is a pursuit in expression of how we know what we know and how we do what we do. What makes this even more poignant is our relatively new ability to simulataneously interact with all of humanity, with little bias to location, culture, and hopefully soon language that has been prohibitive in the past. All of our ideas, hopes, weaknesses, and desires ... in short, that what makes us human, is being interpreted into digital data (until something better comes along) at the speed of light and human thought. Not to say this is all good, we put in what we are, and that includes our hate, fear, and misguided selfishness. I just won't be at all surprised when we finally are able to look into the machine and see ourselves looking back.
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